Sunday, March 09, 2014

Getting There – Part 5

Things worked out as I hoped. This afternoon I was able to prepare and paint all the woodwork in the back bedroom. At the recommendation of my daughter, I tried some of her acrylic gloss paint.

My preferred paint is Dulux liquid gloss, which is identical to old-fashioned oil based paint. I love the way it flows from the brush, and it doesn’t dry quickly which gives me time for brushing out blemishes. A drawback of oil based paints is that they fade, unlike acrylic which keeps its colour for years, particularly if it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Acrylic paint is odourless.

Leyland acrylic brilliant white gloss dries in about 20 minutes. In fact, there is hardly time for blending individual strokes before the paint starts to harden. This puts the painter under pressure to keep going at a fast pace. Acrylic paint does have advantages over traditional paints, since it has excellent coverage; it’s non-drip, and there’s no need for stirring before use. Being water based, brushes can easily be cleaned, but you must not let paint dry on the brush before washing it.

I do not now how good acrylic paint is at resisting damage when bumped or scraped, and I do not know if it has a tendency to peel off surfaces previously painted with different types.

The electrician is due tomorrow morning for finishing jobs he started last week, and for rewiring the front door light and the garage.


Steve Carey said...

Now you ARE making me feel guilty. Well, only for a few seconds! I will catch up on painting, some day.

I agree with what you say about Dulux. It really does flow nicely. BUT in recent years not only are water-based Acrylics and Enamels cheaper, easer to clean brushes and splashes with soapy water but they dry much faster and in far less time are no longer sticky. Also work well win a mini-roller rather than a brush!

For my model boats I use households paints, after all none of them or moored on the water! I used Rustoleum "Painters Touch" White Gloss finish on my latest PUFFIN model. It's water bases and was absolutely dry in 40 mins (indoors). I gave PUFFIN 2 primer/undercoats and three gross coats in one day .

I guess you are thinking about launching Minnow and planning on where you two are going?


William Serjeant said...

Yes, Steve,

The time is approaching when I shall be launching 'Minnow'. I have yet to come up with the best solution for minimizing snagging of the sheet on the engine.