Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Other Things for 'Minnow'


In addition to applying the final coat of paint to the yuloh, I started improving the mount for the ship’s compass. The mount was an ungainly piece of mahogany that was screwed to a cross member below the front window. In that position the helmsman could not see the compass because the hatch cover intervened. Furthermore, if the helmsman ducked below the hatch cover, he found it almost impossible to read the heading because of glare from the front window.

I propose setting the compass lower than it was, so that the helmsman can see it. I shall also add a bracket to the aft end of the hatch for my Bosun compass. The Bosun will be essential when I’m sitting on the aft deck with my feet dangling into the cabin, because the ship’s compass will not be visible from that position.

I’ll make a tiller extension for steering when I'm on the aft deck.

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