Tuesday, December 10, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ Yuloh – Part 11

A half-an-hour was sufficient for applying a second coat of orange paint to the yuloh. That was just as well, because I didn’t feel like doing any more. In fact, there wasn’t much time before sunset, and outdoors it was cold. Working on the boat under artificial light does not appeal to me. As long as I can do a little at a time on a daily basis, I’ll eventually get the boat in an acceptable condition for taking her out on the water.

I’m beginning to think of what I may be able to do with ‘Minnow’ in 2014. If she comes up to my expectations regarding handling and performance, I’m hoping to take her for a cruise – exactly where I’m uncertain. My favourite cruising ground is the whole of the south coast of England. Battling against the prevailing SW winds from the eastern end of the English Channel to the far SW, Cornwall and beyond to the Scillies, presents a wonderful challenge for the sailor of small boats. Maybe, I’ll try it again. One thing for certain, I really want to be at Plymouth on the 11th May to watch the start of the Jester Challenge.


Jester Challenge

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Unknown said...

Hello again Bill, I for one can't wait to follow your blog when you take to the high seas in Minno on your South Coast voyage.