Monday, December 09, 2013

'Minnow’s’ Yuloh – Part 10


Everything seems OK. The yuloh moves as it should on the support pin. I attached the pin with its mounting block to the transom. Hopefully the unit will stay put, because I epoxied and screwed it to the transom.

I gave the lower part of the shaft and the blade a coat of orange paint. Another two coatings of paint and three or four applications of varnish to the upper part of the shaft will see the yuloh finished.

It looks right and feels right; therefore I’m hoping it will work well.


Steve Carey said...

I'm impressed! "Can ya make me wun like that mister" ! LOL

Got the frame of my Polytunnel assembled this afternoon:

(Probably have to copy and paste the URL)

I'll try a bit of html code. This might work:

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William Serjeant said...


The Polytunnel looks good,and so does the micro-yacht you are about to build.

If I hadn't adopted 'Minnow' I would be asking you for building plans - that's if you intend to make them available. I know the scale models sailed well, so there's every reason to believe the bigger version will too.