Friday, November 08, 2013

Stowage Aboard ‘Minnow’

An advantage that ‘Minnow’ has over my previous boat, a ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter, is that she has more useable space for stowing gear and provisions. I might also say, that I think ‘Minnow’ has an advantage over a standard Paradox, built to plan, because her lazarette is not partitioned, nor does she have a fixed stove under the aft deck.

Why could these differences be advantageous? The answer is that stowage space can be partitioned by the use of separate containers. Such an arrangement is flexible - facilitating change according to what may be required.  The containers may be completely watertight, or they may take the form of open boxes/bins into which all manner of items can be stowed.

When I was in Staples, the stationers, I noticed there was for sale a selection of well made plastic storage bins, and immediately it occurred to me that one of a particular type would be very useful aboard ‘Minnow’, but it had to fit into her lazarette. After measuring her lazarette I returned to Staples to obtain the plastic container.  When placed next to the small waste bin I’ve had aboard previous boats, it fits exactly into the forward part of the lazarette, and I’m sure I’ll find it very useful, perhaps for vegetables and other foods. Tin foods will be kept in a bilge locker, amidships to starboard. There, they will act as ballast and be immediately available.

While shopping with my wife at TESCO I saw a selection of washing-up bowls, and the smallest, measuring 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 12.5 cm, was going for only 75p, so I snapped up three of them, not that I want them all for washing pots and pans etc., but for stowing a variety of items. They happen to fit athwart and astern of the transparent, plastic box I bought at Staples. Exactly what I shall use them for I have yet to decide.

Likewise, I have to sort out what will be stowed in the side bins.

Gear that is heavy and is not required on a regular basis will best be stowed in the forecastle. Getting in out of that part of the boat is not easy, and lugging heavy objects from there to the main cabin will take a fair amount of effort. This is due to constricted access through the port way of bulkhead number two. 

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