Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Electrics for ‘Minnow’ – Part 3

I finished mounting and wiring the cigarette lighter socket for the GPS units etc.

I was very pleased with the result.

All I need to do is varnish the mount.

My next job will be fitting and wiring the Autohelm 800. The tricky part will be linking it to the steering line. When I had ‘Faith’, I linked the end of Autohelm’s rod to the steering line with two pieces of cord. They were attached with rolling hitches, one forward, and the other aft. As far as I remember, the Autohelm was mounted fore and aft on the port side with the rod towards the bow.

 That worked OK, but I would like a quicker method of linking and unlinking the Autohelm. The ability to release the linkage quickly is crucial: for example, if there is a risk of collision with a nearby object.


Unknown said...

I will be anxious to watch your autopilot install ...I am wishing to do the same thing...and also working in electrics on Scout right now.



Steve Carey said...

Looking like the flight-deck of Star Ship Enterprise! I fitted 2 12V Cigar lighter sockets on the fuse/switch panel I made for Molly. I reality I needed at least six!

Bill, is this type of cloth OK for covering the surface with epoxy on my boat?


Steve Carey said...

Should have posted this link for 300gsm Glass Cloth (half the weight).

William Serjeant said...

Yes, Steve,

That's the stuff I had for sheathing 'Faith' - excellent for taking biffs - the heavier layup for parts coming into contact with the ground when beaching, and the lighter stuff elsewhere.

Paradox had 3 x 24oz woven roving on the bottom, but she was designed as a beach cruiser.