Thursday, November 07, 2013

‘Minnow’ on her Trailer


Here’s a photo of ‘Minnow’ on her trailer, which is a modified SB 730/2 ADJ built by De Graaff Trailers of Gracious Pond Road, Cobham, Surrey, GU24 8HJ. Ideally, I would have liked to extend the tow bar, instead, I had to shorten it for the trailer to fit in my garage. I have a feeling that when launching and recovering ‘Minnow’, I shall have to have a length of rope between the car and the trailer. Without a rope, I doubt I shall be able to submerge the trailer sufficiently for the boat to float off or on. On the other hand, because the trailer is a swing beam roller type, I may get away with it, without the rear wheels of the car being too deep in the water. The winch can handle up to 1,102 lbs; therefore I may be able to winch the boat from the water, or let her into it by controlled use of the winch.

Besides taking photos of ‘Minnow’ on her trailer, I fashioned a piece of wood to replace a rotten lath screwed to the upper edge of the Perspex washboard. I’ll have to give it a few coats of varnish to bring out the colouring, and to protect it from the elements.
Little things done here and there can make an enormous difference to the appearance and feel of a boat, and by doing them I derive satisfaction.
De Graaff Trailers


Steve Carey said...

I am still here and paying attention Bill! Minnow is really looking good now. At one point you were doubtful that you'd have her ready for May. Have you really got lots more to do?

Even at this point, I'm hoping to have Puffin ready by about May. Yes, may 2014!


Unknown said...

She really looks nice Bill, a credit to you, and an inspiration to others

William Serjeant said...


There is still a fair amount to do before I shall be satisfied with her.

She lacks the metal loops that retain the rig and the yuloh on her side decks. I have to fit an outboard bracket and I have to make a proper pin and socket for the yuloh, which also requires attention. A satisfactory solution has to be found for easy access to drinking water. I don't want to be balancing bottles on my knee while I pour water into the kettle. Wiring for the GPS units etc has to be done. I'm not completely sure that I have cured the leak problem. Her rigging has to be redone, and there are other small things requiring attention.

You could be right about completing Puffin by May, because you have thoroughly thought through the process of building her, and she is a quick-build boat. You have the materials, the tools and the workspace - once your polytunnel is erected.

Wishing you all the best.

Have a great time building her.


William Serjeant said...


I think she'll look a bit more inviting when her rig is set up to bring a bit of colour into the scheme of things.

I'll probably paint her yuloh with the same orange paint I have on her spars.