Friday, October 04, 2013

Varnishing 'Minnow's' Floorboards

The varnished floorboards look so much better than they were - not only that, if they get wet, they will not absorb moisture and they will be easy to dry. As I shall be laying my self-inflating mattress on the floorboards I shall want them to be dry. Kitchen paper towels are very good for drying wet surfaces; therefore I shall have a roll handy. The most likely time the floorboards will become wet is when bringing the anchor aboard. It, plus the chain and warp, will be stowed under the slatted floorboards forward of the locker under the seat.

Tomorrow I’m hoping I shall be able apply a second coat of varnish. There’s no easy quick fix. I must do at least three coats. Ideally, I should apply five coats for maximum protection against wear and tear.


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Unknown said...


Does minnow not use water ballast? It appears as no since the water tank area is where I believe they least that's where Scout's are. Does she have extra lead ballast ???


William Serjeant said...


The previous owner added extra ballast in the form of concrete and lead mouldings. The forward ballast can be removed if it is replaced with cruising gear. Water ballast can also be added in flexible containers wihtin the floor lockers.

When I owned 'Faith' I seldom removed the water ballast - even keeping it in the tanks when moving the boat by road.