Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Varnishing and a Biopsy on ‘Minnow’


On 28th September I told of two operations on ‘Minnow’ to rectify a leak, and I mentioned that I would be carrying out two more to eliminate the problem. The third operation was successfully carried out on 29th September. The fourth and final operation took place today, but before doing it I carried out a biopsy! The operation was on ‘Minnow’s’ drain where it exits from the vent box underneath the boat. I carefully scraped the exit with the blade of my penknife to discover the nature of the leak, but to my surprise the biopsy showed there no observable fractures or openings through which water could enter the boat. The internal plastic pipe was fully bonded to the sides of the hole through the bottom plywood, and there weren’t any cracks or crevices between the epoxied roving and the plywood. Nevertheless, to make sure there would be no ingress of water when the boat is operational, I coated the area with epoxy.

In theory, the boat should no longer leak. In practice we shall see.

I also once again varnished the floorboards, and I gave the seat and the tiller their final coat of paint.


Two Operations on ‘Minnow’ (28th September)

More than Cosmetic Surgery for ‘Minnow’ (29th September)

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