Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aliens Hijack 'Minnow's' Captain

Heavy rain did not prevent Aliens from hijacking ‘Minnow’s’ Captain, but he escaped and fitted one window which looks as if it has been zapped by an alien laser gun. He feels sure that the Aliens will return and take up residence in ‘Minnow’.

Dare he continue working on her?

Watch this space for the next episode.


Steve Carey said...

Heck NO. Turn out the lights and lock up your garage. Add barricades and a moat (filled with deep water and Crocs). Hire a security company (Not G4) to stand guard until the Aliens have all departed your boatbuilding complex and back to their own planet. If by this time you are not shattered, do more work on Minnow!

Plan B:

Take them all to see your work, set them playing on the floor. Continue work on Minnow.

Paul Mullings said...

Hi Bill, looks like you are making stirling progress. Knowing your fondness of the Junk rig you may like to take a peek here...

William Serjeant said...


I should have taken your advice!

See what happened in the sequel.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Paul.

I have Annie's book which has hundreds of good tips for long-distance cruising.

I didn't know she had changed her blog/website.


Steve Carey said...

I bet you actually had a GREAT Sunday! Oh, Minnow's looking great as well.