Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Stove for ‘Minnow’


I had a shot at making a gimbal for my Euro Camping ‘Magic’ stove. Instead of permanently keeping it in the lazarette I came up with the idea of storing it there, and for serious use have it in the cabin. By latching the gimbal to the starboard side of the cabin I shall be able to cook in a more civilized fashion – even while sitting on the seat and facing forwards. From past experience with 'Faith's' stove I found that when it was in the lazarette I could not easily reach it.

Another advantage of having the stove in the cabin is that I can place a chart table above it, but to do this I shall have to devise a locking system to prevent the gimbal from swinging to and fro; alternatively I could extract the stove and lock the table to the gimbal.

I have yet to come up with a foolproof support for the inner side of the gimbal frame. A fold down support will be the strongest.

If you are wondering where I obtained the aluminium bowl that supports the stove, I saved it from being thrown into the recycling bin!

This evening, by way of testing the viability of the gimbal, I made my first hot drink. I’ve discovered that my cutlery container conveniently fits in the shelf by the stove.

My next door neighbour who follows my blog, kindly gave me two Camping Gaz canisters.


Eurocamping Magic Stove

Camping Gaz

Camping Gaz Twister at Ebay


Unknown said...


Fantastic idea to move the stove forward when in use.Mine is mounted in the rear lazerette as well and I am not very comfortable with it there. The lines for the mainsheet and rudder run overhead and it is just frankly difficult to work with there. I think I shall steal your idea and make something that allows me to do something similar.
Thanks for the idea!


Unknown said...

That looks a really good idea Bill. I'm sure that it will pay you dividends in the time to come. Those times when a hot drink or a quick packet of hot noodles will change your perspective on a situation, and lift yor morale no end. Whereas if the stove wasn't so convieniently to hand, you may not bother?

Horatio said...

Not only was that an amazing idea, it also looks great.