Thursday, December 15, 2011

‘Auberge’ a Colvic Sea Rover 28?

'Auberge' at Heybridge Basin

I can be somewhat perplexed when I research certain yachts by means of the Internet, because of inconsistent information found at different websites. Confusion may be mine in part, as I may not be fully conversant with a particular class of yacht. The Colvic Sea Rover is such a vessel. I was unaware that there were two versions: the 28 and the 30. I had thought there was only one, i.e., the Sea Rover 28 motor sailer, but at a brokers’ website I have found reference to a Colvic Sea Rover 30 with distinctly different dimensions to those of the 28.

'Auberge' again.

Because I have not been able to find a clear reliable history of Colvic Sea Rovers, I have had to patch together what I believe to be the truth. I can only conclude that there are indeed two models. The twin bilge keel 28 has an overall length of 27’ 11”, and the triple keel 30 has an overall length of 31’ 0”. The shorter yacht draws 3’ 5”, whereas the longer, shallow draught yacht draws less, at 3’ 3”.

One broker maintains Kenneth Evans was the builder of a Colvic Sea Rover 28 and another quotes Colvic/Thames Marine as the builder. Could it be that these were kit boats fitted out by different ‘builders’? Colvic certainly produced many hulls for owners to complete. Perhaps this is an answer to the riddle? One broker quotes Maurice Griffiths as the designer; another says Kenneth Evans designed her. She does have the characteristic lowered aft deck typical of Griffith’s Eventide 26, his Golden Hind and his Medusa 25, but somehow I don’t think he was the designer of the Rover 28. There’s a note on the website of to the effect that Kenneth Evans designed the Sea Rover.

From looking at the photos of ‘Auberge’ I would venture a guess that she’s a Sea Rover 28 to which there has been added a doghouse. I hope the owner will forgive me for suggesting she’s a bit like a poor man’s Fisher 25; nevertheless, she must be a comfortable cruising yacht.

Please contact me through the Comments section if you can answer with certainty some of the implied queries within this article.

Dimensions of the Sea Rover 28

LOA 8.50m (27'11")
LWL 7.60m (24'11")
Beam 2.80m (9'2")
Draught 1.04m (3'5")

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Unknown said...

I have a Colvic Sea Rover, Triple keel, I have been told that the builder was Kenneth Evens