Friday, December 02, 2011

Macwester 30?

I believe this is a Macwester 30 by Macwester Marine built some time between 1969 and 1972 when these yachts were in production. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Macwesters were designed by C.S.J. Roy who was the founder and director of Macwester Marine at Littlehampton in West Sussex. For the full range of his designs which include the classic Kelpie, the Rowan 22 and the Atlanta 28, please look at the first link below.*

The Macwester 30 was a derivative of the Macwester 28, and numbers one to eight were rigged as sloops; the other four yachts built before production ceased were rigged as yawls or ketches, and I believe I’m right in saying they all had central cockpits. The sloop-rigged Macwester 30 had an aft cockpit and a very spacious main cabin. All versions of the 30’ 6’ LOA twin keel yacht were fitted with Volvo MD2B engines.


LOA: 30’6” 9.30m
LWL: 26’0” 7.92m
Beam: 9’5” 2.87m
Draught: 3’3” 0.99m
Displacement: 8960lb 4065kg
Ballast: 2690lb 1220kg
Sail Area: 380ft2 35.3m2

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Macwester Owners Association

Volvo MD2B Engine


Macwester said...

Yes, it looks like a Macwester 30 sloop to me Bill. Macwester also made an aft cabin version of this boat, which I think was called the Macwester 30 Wight, and it later evolved into the 'Macwester Wight', and later still the 'Macwester Malin'. For anyone who's interested, another example of the Macwester 30 sloop (along with the aft cabin version) can be found on this page:

William Serjeant said...


Thank you for your valuable input re. the evolution of the Macwester 30, and for the link to Macwester at wordpress - a very good website/blog too.

Best wishes,

Macwester said...

Hi Bill,

Looks like I was possibly wrong. I've spoken with a Macwester 30 owner and we are agreed that this probably 'looks' more like a Macwester 28 ...not a 30.

Best wishes