Friday, December 16, 2011

Hallburg-Rassy 342

Hallburg-Rassy has a reputation for their cruising yachts being a cut above the average in terms of finish and performance. The original Swedish company was founded in 1943 by Harry Hallburg, and in 1972 a partnership was established with Christoph Rassy. Altogether, if Wikipedia* is correct, Hallburg-Rassy has manufactured at least 8,900 yachts. Assuming that number has been built since the merger, they must have produced 19 yachts per month!

Later models, since 1988, have all been designed by Germán Frers - 15 in total, including the Hallburg-Rassy 342, which is an enlarged and improved version of the 34, designed fifteen years before.

By looking at the photos and the ‘borrowed’ drawings, in addition to visiting links below you can see what a fabulous ocean cruising yacht the 342 is. I don’t generally goggle at plastic yachts, but this is a stunner. She’s rather too fine for my taste, even if I could afford to buy and maintain her. I would be scared stiff to sit in the lounge for fear of making the cushions dirty, but if I was offered a sail aboard her, I’d accept without hesitation.


LOA 10.32 m / 33' 10"
LWL 9.09 m / 29' 10''
Beam 3.42 m / 11' 3"
Draught 1.82 m / 6' 0"
Displacement 5 300 kg / 11 684 lbs
Sail Area 60 m² / 646 sq ft

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