Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday, 18th May

Today I had a fairly relaxing time. I woke at 0600 to witness a moment of silent beauty, as there was a flat calm causing perfect reflections on the mirror-like water and there was an unusual a yellowish silver glow from the rising sun. That was a picture not to miss which I duly recorded with the digital camera.

When breakfast and my time for bible study were over I dedicated the morning to removing the Essex grime from the superstructure; that’s the deck top, the cabin exterior and cockpit. Now these parts of the boat positively gleam. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a go at the topsides; that’s the hull from the waterline to deck level. I’ll do it while in the dinghy.

Around mid afternoon I caught the train from Starcross to Exeter St. Thomas Station from where I walked to Alphington to see my wife, June, who was staying with her sister Rita. On their journey from Essex, June’s case slipped while they stood on the escalator at Paddington Underground Station, and in effort to prevent it careering down the moving stairs she broke a bone in her wrist. Not only that, the case under the influence of gravity knocked Rita backwards down the steps; meanwhile June was taken unceremoniously feet first to the top of the staircase. Therefore it was especially good to see June and her sister, despite some bruises and to give thanks that nothing worse had happened.

While at Rita’s a hot bath and a good meal pumped energy into the solo sailor who arrived back at his faithful ship before nightfall.

What will the day bring tomorrow?

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