Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday, 31st May

Last night was the calmest so far. ‘Bumper’ felt snug in the little cove across the Percuil River from St Mawes. We woke to the comforting sound of lapping water as the flood tide swished by. There was a heavy mist and fine drizzle that veiled parts of the river, but here and there I could see an assortment of yachts and small boats tethered to their moorings.

We had made arrangements to meet Chas Warren, an old sailing friend, on the quay at St Mawes, around mid-day. Geoff and I assembled the Seahopper folding dinghy and launched her in readiness to meet Chas. Sure enough, as the town clock signalled the time of our rendezvous, there was Chas looking over the sea wall waving his arms to attract our attention.

Before coming aboard he bought 3 tasty Cornish pasties baked at the local shop, some sesame cakes and a sticky bun. Apple juice completed our meal as we reminisced while sitting in the cockpit. Even the drizzle held off to help make it a very pleasant occasion. Sights and sounds brought back memories of previous visits by water.

After lunch we sailed to Mylor Yacht Harbour to find out if my Autohelm had been sent there for safe-keeping after being repaired, but alas it was not to be. Enquiries by phone established that the Autohelm could not be repaired and a new one would cost £280.00, plus VAT.

I took the opportunity to buy 5 litres of diesel before we set off for the return trip to St Mawes. It started to drizzle again, but that did not dampen our spirits.

At 1600 Chas left for home and we re-visited the mooring we had abandoned in the morning.

Tomorrow, the general plan is for Geoff to leave ship at Falmouth where he will take the train home. I shall use the marina facilities to have a shower and charge my computer and telephone; if the weather is suitable, I’ll sail to the Helford River.

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Wotablog said...

John,Wendy, Joshua and Lois are staying with us and Joshua and I are following your progress.
Give our love to Cornwall.