Monday, May 02, 2005

First Day

Monday Bank Holiday is officially the first day of ‘Bumper’s’ cruise. Gordon has joined ship and we have taken all the necessary stores aboard. The Seahopper dinghy fits nicely down one side of the foredeck.

Our first task was for Gordon to have some instruction in motoring and sailing. He has taken to things very well. He practised motoring between buoys while allowing for the tidal current, picking up buoys and reversing. Afterwards we had a jolly good sail between Burnham and the entrance to the River Roach. Gordon helmed the boat on all points and we reefed the sail.

On returning to our mooring we grilled some pork chops and cooked potatoes, broccoli and carrots in the pressure cooker. For a sweet we had yoghurts.

This evening the sun set with a bright golden hue and all was peaceful except for the call of various birds (of the feathery variety).

We worked out a rough plan for tomorrow’s sailing – that’s if there’s a good weather forecast.

Now it’s a matter of making up our bunks and preparing for the night.

I hope there will be no problem in uploading this via Vodafone.

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