Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sunny at Last!

What a contrast between yesterday and today. How wonderful it was to have a warm sunny day, with little wind. So many people have their boats on the water and here’s me still working at preparing to launch mine; although I must say most of the sailors who have their boats afloat are keen racing types. They have been racing since Easter.

At long last the sail is ready for action. It seemed to me everything that could go wrong with it did. The mainsheet was difficult to sort out, but it could have been so simple if I had made a note at the end of last season showing how it went together with its numerous blocks and spans. You can be sure I’ll do that in future.

I tidied the wiring for the solar charger so that it is hidden behind the cabin panelling. Then I made a deck mounting for the module which will allow air to flow underneath it to help reduce its temperature on very hot days. When any deck work needs doing I and my crew will have to take care not to stand on the somewhat fragile panel.

Apart from tidying up, cleaning everything, and applying the antifouling, there’s very little else to be done.

Shortly before the launching day I’ll need to provision the boat, top up the water, and the fuel. Then it will be all systems go.

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