Saturday, April 09, 2005

One of those Days

There are times when important events take precedence over those one would prefer to participate in, for example, Prince Charles had to postpone his wedding to Camilla because attending the Pope’s funeral became a priority.

Today I would have preferred working on my yacht ‘Bumper’ in preparation for the forthcoming cruise, but visiting a family in London was far more important. It so happened that the visit was very pleasurable and I’m glad I found time to meet some very lovely people. Into the bargain I had the unexpected bonus of having two hours by myself to plan and rehearse a particular meeting.

For me time is at a premium. Almost every minute is being taken up with unavoidable activities; even making this entry on my ‘blog’ eats into valuable time.

How wonderful it will be when I find myself afloat with a willing crew as we set off on our voyage of discovery. We shall not be governed by pressing engagements - only by wind and tide.

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