Thursday, April 28, 2005


Preparing for something is quite often the most important aspect of an enterprise, whether it is a do-it-yourself job, travelling abroad, making a dissertation or doing a bit of cooking, and for those who have been following my theme, you will realise by now how many things I have, by necessity, dealt with. Without attention to detail, organizing this and that, and actually ‘doing’ things, I would not even have had the boat in the water.

Next, there’s the final assembling of items yet to be taken aboard, things like food and drink, bedding, waterproof clothing, tools and the computer. Naturally, these bits and pieces are usually left until last, especially the computer. It is vulnerable and needs much protection. To this end I made a bespoke console or container for it, so that it would never be doused with water.

Before setting off I have to collect my crew by car and ‘deliver’ him and his personal effects to the boat; then I have to make arrangements to have the car taken home for safekeeping. Because he is a complete novice I shall need to spend at least a day showing him the ropes. He’ll have to be able to start and stop the engine, steer the boat so as to be able to pick up a buoy (that’s for my own welfare, in case I fall in the water), and he’ll need to be able to sail the boat on all points. That’s quite a tall order for one day, but I think it can be done. He’s an intelligent and fit lad, wanting to learn all he can.

Because the weather looks set to be fine for about three days I should be able to thoroughly test the boat and all her gear.

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