Monday, October 05, 2015

Seafarer Day Sailer/Trailer Sailer – Part 2

Just under a year ago I drew attention to 48 year old ‘Seamonster’, an Alan Buchanan day sailer. She is an 18’ Seafarer single chine GRP masthead sloop.

Last weekend I was away from home, and I had a chance of getting personal with the little boat. By getting personal, I mean being close enough to touch and caress her. I was somewhat saddened to see that she wasn’t being looked after as she deserved. A boat built in 1967, if she is to remain in good trim when laid up, must be kept under cover, which at the moment she is not. Worse still, she is close to a hedge, and fallen leaves in her cockpit are doing her no favours.

Structurally she is sound, and the external gelcoat has never been painted, apart from antifouling below the waterline. Her keel pivot bolt was renewed last year, and all her woodwork is good, but varnish has peeled off in places.

I am hoping she will be cared for by her owner, as she is a ‘living’ classic, worthy of not being left on the scrap heap to die.


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Paul Mullings said...

Make him an offer?

William Serjeant said...


I touched and caressed, but the desire for ownership was not there.

As things are, I'm happy with my little 'Pike'. She is cheap to keep; always available and willing to please.

One mistress is enough.