Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Computer

I’ve been saving for a new computer for well over a year, and today I took the plunge and bought myself an iMac. Most of my computing to date has been with Microsoft Windows, but I’ve had an iPhone for several years, and more lately I bought an iPad; therefore it seems logical to go the whole hog and make it a trio!

That brings a problem, because I’ll have to learn how to operate the iMac. Fortunately there are similarities between it and the iPad and the iPhone. To complicate the matter, the latest (2016) keyboard has a slightly different layout to that of my Dell Studio laptop. The ampersand ‘@’ symbol has been moved to the #2 key, which it also shares with the Euro symbol. The ‘control’ and ‘fn’ keys have been exchanged, and there are two ‘command’ keys.

Not only are there differences between the keyboards, but there are differences with the layout, and content of the homepage. Even document applications are different. I don’t really want to buy ‘Word for iMac’, but if the push comes to the push, I will.

The reason why I am letting you know these things is to inform you that I may have difficulties in uploading my blog for a few days. I’ll have the old computer as a standby, but I don’t want to be using different machines concurrently. I’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile, please be patient.


Niki said...

Welcome to mac Land Dad!

Unknown said...

Congrats Bill, the force might be withyou! Don't miss the movie about Steve Jobs…….

For me and my not so complicated compatibility needs, the software Open Office does the job in spreasheets and/or writing documents. Give it a try, it's free and easy to drag into the bin if it doesn't work with your existing documents f.e. formatting problems.

May I recommend a very good software? Try 'Notebook' from circusponies:

BTW I'M using Apple from the days of the Apple LISA, the first ever commercial computer with a mouse and Graphic User Interface. Long time ago……