Thursday, December 04, 2014

Melonseed Skiff, 2014

Once again Roger Rodibaugh has sent me seasonal greetings in the form of one of his own designed cards. This is my sixth annual salutation from Roger on the theme of Melonseed dinghies. Each card is artistically and uniquely fashioned and ascribed with a few pertinent poetical words relating to the pictorial element. I believe the original design for 2014 card was painted with acrylics, or possibly oils.

Words for this year’s theme featuring the bow of a Melonseed skiff are as follows:

“There’s a voice in the bow wave of a little skiff on the wind – a gurgling murmur, a happy chuckle, a clamorous exclamation in the puffs – intimate conversation between the rush of water and the run of curves.”

For those who sail such dinghies in delightful conditions there are moments of pure poetry and beautiful music. Those who experience these delights are entranced and charmed, and cannot wait for more. We are blessed and renewed by them.

Roger is the owner of Melonseed ‘Three Cheers’, #463, which he features along with other Melonseed skiffs on his YouTube Channel, ‘Indianamelonhead’.* (I note that there are 30 subscribers to the Channel, and to date there have been a total of 27,669 viewings!)


*Indianamelonhead – YouTube

Melonseed Skiff

Melonseed Video

Melonseed, a Classic Modern Dinghy

Melonseed Skiff Again

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