Sunday, December 07, 2014

‘Ladybird’ in Hibernation

In hibernation

At Exmouth 2010

At Torquay 2010

Of the boats I have owned, ‘Ladybird’, a Seawych 19, was perhaps the most endearing. On checking my blog I note that I have written many things about her and of our ‘relationship’. Only a few days ago I bumped into her again. She was not talking to me because she was in a deep sleep of hibernation. Since she is no longer mine I respected her privacy and left her alone to sit out the dark, cold months of winter. Hopefully she will be awakened in spring by her current ‘master’, dusted off and made Bristol Fashion for launching at the beginning of another season.

By clicking links below which are set out in chronological order, you will learn of ‘our’ wholesome relationship which sadly came to end, but then all my relationships with vessels of fancy have been short-lived. I am still in a relationship with ‘Minnow’, but a parting may not be far away.*


‘Just Right’ for Sailing


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Antifouling ‘Ladybird’, My Seawych Sloop

‘Ladybird’s’ Cruise – Day 1 on 3rd June, 2010 (Follow date links to right for rest of cruise)

‘Ladybird’ for Sale

‘Ladybirds’ Summer Cruise Review

Selling ‘Ladybird’

End of an Extraordinarily Brilliant Sailing Season

Check on ‘Ladybird’

Crewing on ‘Ladybird’

Checking ‘Ladybird’

‘Ladybird’s’ 2010 Cruise Photo Selection – Part 1

‘Ladybird’s’ Cruise – 2010

Ladybird has been sold – My tribute to her

My Old Mistress ‘Ladybird’

  ‘Ladybird’ on the Crouch

Photos of Boats I Have Owned – Part 6

Sailing Again Aboard ‘Ladybird’

Rekindling the Fire of Passion for Small Sailing Boats

Day Sail with ‘Ladybird’

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