Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day Sailers

'C' Class West Wight Potter

Royal Burnham One Design

Harbor 20

Leisure 17


Victorian Canoe Yawl

A day sailer is essentially a sailing boat that has no living accommodation, or sparse accommodation. A Harbor 20 is one such sailboat.  She and similar day sailers like the Squib, Ajax and Yeoman can be used for Spartan cruising with the addition of a boom tent, and minimal camping equipment. These boats are raced; indeed, they were primarily designed for racing and occasional day sailing.

Small cruising yachts such as the Leisure 17 and the West Wight Potter are also suitable for day sailing.

There’s a lot to be said in favour of day sailing, because it is the least demanding form of sailing. Good weather can be chosen when the tides are suitable for a few pleasurable hours afloat, unlike cruising when it may be necessary to sail in conditions that are far from ideal.


Day Sailer

Day Sailer Class

Harbor 20 – The Classic Modern Day Sailer

The Ajax


Yeoman and Kinsman Association

Squibs - Part 1

Squibs - Part 2

Squibs - Part 3

Royal Burnham One Design

Royal Burnham One Design

Leisure 17 and the Leisure SL

West Wight Potter

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