Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Proposed Sale of ‘Minnow’ – Is She Expensive?

I was recently approached by a person who wanted to buy ‘Minnow’. He suggested a sum of money and asked what he would get for that amount. I replied that he could have the boat, minus most of her gear and the engine and without her trailer for less than he had suggested, but if he offered an extra £300 he could have the same package including the trailer. Bearing in mind the trailer originally cost £1,092 I felt he would have had a bargain. I was surprised therefore, that he reacted by telling me that ‘Minnow’ was expensive, and he would not be pursuing his interest in purchasing her. One thing I could understand was that he would have to do a two-way trip across the English Channel by ferry to collect ‘Minnow’ and take her to his home. Bearing in mind transportation costs, perhaps for him it would have been an ‘expensive’ exercise. However, at the time he suggested an amount he was prepared to pay, he would have been aware of the expense of collecting her.

I have noted comments on the blog regarding the proposed sale of ‘Minnow’ when originally advertised at Ebay for £2,900 with all of her gear, including the engine and road trailer. Commentators intimated I was not asking enough! And what I was offering was an absolute bargain. Well, the truth is that I want to cover my costs and hopefully a little more for the labour lavished on renovating her. Anyone wanting a Paradox should note that to build and fit out one, it will require the expenditure of well over £4000 - more likely in the region of £4,500 without a road trailer. Furthermore, it will take the builder about 18 months of his spare time, working evenings and weekends to complete her.

I am still offering ‘Minnow’ for sale, and I am open to reasonable offers according to what will be included in the deal. Come the spring of 2015 she may not be for sale, because I may have overcome my lack of desire for being on the water. I may have regained the confidence I once had. I may again be looking forward to the challenge of long distance coastal sailing, or even to being satisfied with cruising locally.

When one says that a thing is too expensive, it must be seen as a relative statement. For one person it would be cheap and inexpensive, but for another who is not so well off, it could indeed be expensive.


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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, you stand your ground. 'Minnow'as examined by myself, represents first class value for money. If and when I raise the nessesary, there will be absolutely no argument as to price.
It would also please me lots if you did regurgitate the anchor, and let us all know, via your excellent blog, how you're getting on.
A Happy New Year to you and yours, and indeed everyone who reads your blog.

Stephen Mundane said...

Hear Hear Richard.

And a Happy New Year to you and everyone else too.

William Serjeant said...

Thanks guys. A very happy new year to all our readers.


Alastair said...

Hi Bill,

I must say I am astounded that someone hasn't bitten your arm off at that price.

Maybe it is a higher power telling you to keep it and get back on the water.