Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Melonseed Skiff

Have you ever been infatuated with a pretty maiden? Well, I have. Her name is Melonseed. When my eye surveyed her pretty lines, it was love at first sight. She’s still around, and if the sky is grey, and there’s darkness in my soul, I think of her. I see her skipping and bobbing across the water, her flying ribbon at her peak. Then my face shines and the dullness disappears. There’s a glow and warmth in my heart.

Today I received a Christmas card from, Lafayette, from another gent who is more than a passing lover of Melonseed. He owns one of Roger Crawford’s beautiful, enticing creations, but he just doesn’t ‘own’ this stunning skiff, he delights in sailing her and telling the world of her marvellous, generous nature, all 350 lbs of her crafted curves with winning ways. She’s 13’ 8” by 4’ 3”, complete with elegant wineglass stern. She slides off her trailer with consummate grace, ready to glide on glistening waters for delighting and responding to her master. She is easily rigged and her rudder shipped. Within minutes, master and mistress feel the breeze as they tack to and fro from shallow green to purple deep; there above a rainbow weeps to see such joy. A waltz here and foxtrot there, a rumba and a samba, but oh, watch the tango too!


Pictures tell more than words, but watch out, you may be enticed by maiden Melonseed. To earn her favours you’ll have to pay the price, for she doesn’t come cheap. One day, she may become a collector’s item, when she could well pay a handsome dividend, that’s if you could ever bear to part with her.


Roger Crawford’s Melonseed


Melonseed Movie


Melonseed in heavy weather


Melonseed Sailing


Wooden Melon Seed


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