Friday, March 22, 2013

‘James Stevens No 14’ Lifeboat – Part 2


You can find a very good summary of the history of the ‘James Stevens No 14’ lifeboat by clicking the second link below.

Additional websites under the Links heading add significant information to that given in my article* of 16th August, 2010. (Part 1)

This historic lifeboat designed in 1807 started life as a pulling and sailing vessel, but in 1906 she was fitted with a 40 hp Blake petrol engine. She is the oldest surviving lifeboat in the world to have been powered by an engine. At 42.98’ LOA she would have been more than a handful to row.


*’James Stevens No 14’ Lifeboat (Part 1)

Project Details – Restoration of ‘James Stevens No 14’

Frinton and Walton Heritage Trust

National Historic Ships – ‘James Stevens No 14’

Nigel Pepper Photography – ‘James Stevens No 14’

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