Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Could it be Spring?


Could spring have sprung early for 2013? Officially the first season of the year doesn’t start until March 20th. Spring is a joyful season full of promise. Every year I cling to the cliché and I hope for an even better summer.

Yesterday was very springlike. Birds were chirping, and our resident collared doves were up their antics. I even saw a wren which was very unusual. At the beginning of the week a goldfinch was eyeing up the tree on the front lawn, possibly with a view to acquiring real-estate. Nest building is a priority for goldfinches at this time of year - for a cosy home must be completed before May when it will be time for laying eggs.

This evening brought drizzle and the weatherman forecasts a cool wet spell for the next few days. In view of this, there are two ways of looking at yesterday: One - a day of future promise, very much like an engagement ring given to a bride to be; or Two - a false lover who gives nothing, but promises hope when there is none.

I am choosing the token of love, a golden ring promising hope for golden summer days.




Collared Dove

Collared Doves

The Dove an Emblem of Hope

New Beginning

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