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Royal Corinthian One Design

Royal Corinthian One Design

I moved to Essex from the West Country in 1972, and from that time much of my boating has taken place on the River Crouch. Even before setting up home in Essex I had sailed on the River when I was employed as a sailing instructor by the Central Council for Recreation. This organisation sponsored dinghy sailing courses based at the Royal Corinthian Yacht, Burnham-on-Crouch. Students were given practical instruction on Wayfarer dinghies.

I remember being very impressed with the Royal Corinthian One Design keelboat racing. The boats were in tiptop condition and their owners obviously enjoyed the competition. Remarkably, several of these boats still race today. The Class 70th Anniversary took place in July, 2005.

Note added 10th December 2011

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This corrects the error I made with the photo above which is of a Royal Burnham One Design, not a Royal Corinthian One Design.


Royal Corinthian One Design

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

Central Council for Physical Recreation

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chudgrower said...

Dear Bill's log. Sorry to correct you, this is a Royal Burnham One Design. She is Whimbrel No 9. She was successfully raced by two doctors. The class was commissioned in 1934 and is still going strong.

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William Serjeant said...

Thanks chudgrower. I have added a note to this effect which takes readers to: