Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Phantom Dinghy

The Phantom sailing dinghy is a high performance racer suitable for heavyweights, i.e., people weighing around 100 kgs (220 lbs). The Phantom is a strict one design class of boat for one person that can be built from a variety of materials. All of the early ones were made from wood, and they had metal masts and Dacron sails. Today, production Phantoms are made from epoxy GRP and they have carbon masts and Kevlar sails. Despite lighter and stronger materials than wood being used in the construction of Phantoms, wooden boats remain competitive, as was demonstrated by Len and Simon Smith’s ‘woody’ coming second overall in the National Championships.

The Phantom East Coast Championship was held at Burnham-on-Crouch over the August Bank Holiday weekend, and as I watched some of the action I was able to take photos at the same time.


LOA 4.42 m -14' 6" Beam 1.64 m - 5' 6" Mast Height 6.1 m - 20'

Sail Area 9.75 sq m - 105 sq ft Weight 61 kg - 134.2 lb Rig Una

Crew One


International Phantom


Phantom Dinghy


VanderCraft – Builders of the GRP version of the Phantom


Wooden Phantom Construction Photos


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Wooden Phantom for Sale


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Chris Roberts said...


The Phantom is not an International Class. The official class website is www.phantomclass.org.uk

Any more picks of Burnham Week? I was sailing 1278