Sunday, September 05, 2010

Leisure 17 and Leisure 17SL

Leisure 17

Leisure 17SL

While having a walk along the footpath beside the River Crouch at Hullbridge I compared a Leisure 17 with a Leisure 17SL. The 17 was the early version and the 17SL was the updated boat with a more streamlined cabin top. They have identical hulls, but their interiors slightly differ. I have sailed both versions and I’m impressed with their performance and sensible accommodation. If I was looking for a smaller production yacht than a Seawych 19, the twin bilge keel version of either of the Leisure 17s would be high on my list of possible options.

I note that an older style Leisure 17 is being auctioned at Ebay, and to date (Sunday, 5th September, 2010) the current bid is £476.00, with two more days to run until the end of the auction. The Item Number is 150486185027, and the boat is based at the River Blackwater, Essex.

Details of Leisure 17s can be found at the Leisure Owners Association website.


Leisure Owners Association

Leisure 17 and Leisure 17SL Information


John Tompkins said...

It was a very enjoyable trip, with only the stolen mooring as a minor blott. As the buoy looked unused for years, I'm trying to find out who owns it and if I can rent it instead om by mudberth.
The Egret ducked everytime I raised the camera so the photos didn't work out.

William Serjeant said...

The buoy is in a well protected place, so I hope you will be able to use it.

Shame about not getting a photo of the egret.

Thanks for the good time together.

Paul Mullings said...

I can remember shortly after the Leisure was introduced one appeared near our mooring at Chalkwell. The single chap who owned it sailed it year round for many years in all kinds of weather. In my book for a small boat they box well above their weight. Pity I now live in New Zealand as that one you mention on Ebay sure sounds tempting!!!

Paul Mullings said...

I see she sold for the princely sum of 675 pounds - a bargain indeed!