Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fishing Boats

Fishing boat at Salcombe

Trawler at Torquay

Trawlers at Weymouth

Today, time has been at a premium for me, because there’s been a lot going on, which has meant that I’ve not been able to find a proper slot for doing this Blog. The same situation could prevail, until late on Saturday, 4th September.

I am looking forward to joining a friend tomorrow aboard his yacht which is currently moored on the Medway. We are hoping we shall be able to sail the boat to her new mooring on the River Blackwater. If the wind is in our favour, we could have her there by Thursday evening, but we could take much longer, even until Saturday if the wind is light, which may be the case, because a high pressure area is centred over the UK.

Therefore if I miss a couple of days before the next posting, you will know why. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with three photos of fishing boats I saw during my summer cruise.

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