Monday, June 11, 2007

Testing Everything

This morning there was a bit of mist when I set off under sail from the marina berth at 0730. High water was at 0929, and with a light NE wind I made course up the river towards Fambridge. On the way I tried sailing ‘Faith’ on all points and I practiced reefing and using the yuloh. At first I didn’t have much success at using the yuloh, but on my second attempt it all came together and I managed about a quarter of a knot.

Just short of Fambridge drizzle came in which provided a good opportunity for testing the boat with her hatch closed. The forward window slightly fogged up, but I was snug and dry as the boat made her way east towards Burnham. Sailing through the trots was a drifting match, because there was little wind. Once past the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club the wind perked up. What was so pleasing was the boat’s ability to sail on any course for many minutes without me having to touch the steering line. Now I know that Al was telling the truth about having plenty of time to read books while underway.

After eventually reaching the Inner Crouch Buoy I turned ‘Faith’ to the west, this time to anchor on the west side of the River Roach near the entrance. I set the anchor at 1740 and although the wind sprang up from the south ‘Faith’ lay nicely to the incoming tide.

I took the opportunity to try out the pressure cooker which worked well, by providing me with well cooked potatoes, runner beans and carrots which I ate with cold sardines, followed by my favourite yoghurt. After clearing up I planned the navigation Tuesday, 12th June - that’s if the wind will have any southing to it.

As I type this log I do so to the accompaniment of skylarks singing chirpy songs, although the sun has not shone all day.

Maybe I’ll have a comfortable night.

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