Sunday, June 10, 2007

Faith Afloat

Hi All,

‘Faith’ was launched today at Burnham Marina, Essex around 1900. It was not the most graceful of launches for a maiden event, but with a little persuasion by jigging the boat she slowly slid off her trailer.

The yuloh was not entirely a success, as the side wind made progress in the direction I wanted to go difficult, but I ended up where the wind took me, alongside the old Harbour Master launch. Maybe I need to practice handling the yuloh before I can learn to generate sufficient power for forward motion.

I first prepared a meal before filling up the water ballast tanks which made the boat much more stable.

As I write this, the first of my cruise logs, I have laid out my bed for the night. There’s just a light wind from the east, which may mean I’ll have a peaceful night.



Tom said...

Any chance of seeing photos of your boat on the web?

Kai said...

Congratulations with the completion and launching of Faith! I have been following your building proccess, and I hope she will be as good as you hoped.

I am looking forward to reading more from your adventures in her in the time to come, happy sailing!

Kind regards

William Serjeant said...

Thank you Tom and Kai for your good wishes.

Photos will follow; they'll be posted to the Paradox section of the web site.