Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back Home

13th June

I woke early to one of those clear sunny days with hardly a zephyr. As I ate breakfast I thought through the procedure of hauling the boat out of the water. I would lower the trailer by hand almost to the water’s edge where I would secure it with chocks. At the front support I would attach a strong piece of rope for lowering the trailer into the water by using the ball hitch of the car; this system would allow the trailer to be immersed with the mudguards covered so that ‘Faith’ could be floated above the trailer while being winched forward. My daughter would hold the boat steady as I drove the car slowly up the slip.

All this worked perfectly. Had I attached guide posts to the trailer I could have done it without the help of my daughter.

When the boat was home I considered what next to do for improving a few things before the ‘proper’ cruise in the West Country begins perhaps on 25th or 26th June. Exmouth would be a suitable departure port for Dartmouth where I would hope to meet my friend aboard his 40’ classic sail training yacht.

I’ll recommence the daily log as soon as the boat is on the water again.

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