Friday, August 07, 2015

‘Pike’s’ Boathouse





Boathouse door

Very few home garages are used for their designed purpose, i.e., for the secure parking of vehicles and for protecting them from the harmful effects of sun, rain and dust. Garages are usually treated as repositories for things such as: surplus furniture, children’s bicycles, hobby equipment, garden tools, lawnmowers etc. Some people may use their garages as utility rooms where they do their laundering and have their washing machines and dryers. They may even have a workbench complete with tools for working in wood and metal.

My garage has, over a long period, been treated as a boathouse where I’ve kept trailer/sailer type boats and where I’ve built small boats such as ‘Micro’ and ‘Caleb’. I like seeing a boat there, because when I see her, memories of predecessors are re-kindled by her presence. There is continuity, a normality that gives assurance for the present and hope for the future. She’s there, and I know that I can take her sailing when an opportunity arises.

Well, ‘Pike’ is the present occupant of my boathouse. I have been caring for her by repairing a leak in her bow compartment and by painting small patches of bare wood along her chines where they suffered abrasion through use. Having finished working on the boat I’ve been carrying out maintenance on her boathouse which hasn’t looked as smart for a long time. I’ve painted the woodwork and the metal door. The back wall requires serious re-pointing, as there has been subsidence.


‘Micro’ at Holy Island, Part 1

‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, as you may know, I have no garage, but like you, I consider them utterly wasted on cars. My late Father wouldnt ever consider leaviing his car outside though.

Not Specified said...

Hi Bill,

I also am using my garage for something other than cars. Namely, I am building a cabin cruiser in there. It just barely fits end to end and takes up nearly half the width. Cramped at times, but some day, she'll be done.

I have a blog if your interested


Patrick Hay said...

Hi Bill

I'm lucky enough to have a garage big enough for a boat and several cars, as well as a workbench, lawnmower and bicycle parking. It's a great place for boat maintenance and even boatbuilding, and as it's in the 100 sq.m. basement of my house, it's warm enough to work in winter and handy for the kitchen when tea break time comes round.

Of course, I could never afford such a space in UK, but here in France housing costs are much lower, and launching slipways for trailer boats are usually free and well provided with parking.

I like the overhead photo of Micro, by the way, which shows what a very well sorted boat she was. My favourite of all your boats in recent years.

Good to hear you're back on the water.