Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Messing About with Pike

As regular readers will know, Pike is my Iain Oughtred skiff. I bought her at the end of May, but I’ve only sailed her once. My intention was to try her to see if I could regain my confidence for sailing again. Prior to that, I had sold Minnow ***along with her gear, because I lost all desire for getting out on the water. Readers of this blog, friends and relatives tried to persuade me not to sell Minnow, but I would not listen, being convinced that my lifelong passion for sailing had finally come to an end. Others asked me to crew, but I did not accept their invitations. Then I was asked by the owner of Ladybird to come for a sail, and although I was hesitant I said I would give it a go. I was a bit anxious on the day, but the sail went well.*

The experience helped me gain confidence for taking Pike for a sail**. Since then I’ve had a two day cruise**** aboard Ladybird which has given me more confidence. Therefore I’m looking forward to another sail with Pike, but that won’t be until the weather cheers up, and conditions are right. From loss of confidence to looking forward is a big step in the right direction. Meanwhile, I’ve been messing about with Pike on dry land doing maintenance and modifications.


Pike Skiff designed by Iain Oughtred

*Day Sail with ‘Ladybird’

**Had an Excellent Sail with ‘Pike’ – Part 1

**Had an Excellent Sail with ‘Pike’ – Part 2

***’Minnow’ Pledged to Another (Sold)

****Two Day Cruise - Part 2


Rich_D said...

Hello Bill As an occasional contributor but regular reader I just wanted to say how nice it is to see you get some of your old enthusiasm and confidence back. I guess life often moves full circle as passions and priorities ebb and flow. Likes the tides, but less predictable! What I can say with conviction is that you have a wonderful blog that remains a great source of information and inspiration, and brings a great deal of pleasure to your followers. I'm sure we all wish you a continued sense of achievement and many more simple pleasures as you continue your journey ashore and afloat.

William Serjeant said...


Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. Simple pleasures are best for sure. I had a lot of fun today, tinkering with 'Pike'.