Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Drifter', a Small Sailing Cruiser, perhaps a Finesse 21

I have not been able to positively identify this delightful small sailing cruiser, but she is similar to an A. F. Platt Finesse 21. The Finesse 24 would appear to have a higher cabin trunk, and differently shaped ports. ‘Drifter’, the boat featured here, has running backstays, whereas a Finesse 24 has standing backstays, and the former has been fitted with a bowsprit, making her a cutter. ‘Sea Bear’, the Finesse 21 for sale* at Watchet, has a single backstay and three shrouds either side. The two boats look very much alike.

This sort of sturdily constructed vessel with a centreplate and bilge runners is ideal for the shallow waters of the East Coast.


A F Platt (Finesse) Ltd.

Finesse 21- Sailboat Data.com

*Finesse 21 8Sea Bear’ for Sale £8,950

Finesse 24 for Sale £4,250 (Sold)

Finesse 24s for Sale


Bigwiguk said...

She is indeed a Finesse 21. Built in 1984.
One of the last to be built by Alan Platt.
I have owned her for the last 12 years.
There is a variation in rigs according to the requirements of the first owners.
Thank you for your kind words about her.
Roger Rooke

William Serjeant said...

Roger. Thank you very much for updating us.
Wishing you all the best and happy sailing.