Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cornish Shrimper – Part 2

To own a new sailing boat these days you have to part with a fortune. A 19’ Cornish Shrimper will set you back £24,950 inclusive of VAT, and that’s for the outboard version. The inboard model will require £33,600. To either boat it would appear you have to add the cost of a trailer, probably requiring another £1,500, and there will be various bits of chandlery to acquire such as a steering compass, an additional anchor, warps, fenders etc.

With this one (not for sale) seen at Titchmarsh Marina, the owner has devised a plywood support for her four stroke Mariner 6 outboard engine to suspend it above the water while in the marina. This will prevent weed and other growth from attaching itself to the shaft and prop, and also it will eliminate damage to these parts by electrolysis.

A second-hand Shrimper with all the bits and pieces, including a trailer, would require between £11,000 and £13,000.


Cornish Shrimper

Cornish Shrimper

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