Sunday, December 09, 2012

Recharging Batteries

We can work ourselves into frenzy, especially as Christmas draws near. There are countless tasks to be done in so little time.  We cross one task off our list and another appears. Our brow furrows and we fret. Fatigue creeps in and we yearn for rest, but instead of letting go we press on. Then comes a time when we can continue no longer and we flop out onto the settee or on our bed. After ten minutes we feel refreshed and off we go again.

Eventually, if this continues day after day, we succumb to illness. Body and mind can cope no longer. Those who are fulltime carers, perhaps for a disabled husband, wife, son or daughter know full well the strains and stresses of their situations. The only respite is for someone to relieve them of their onerous task, which is done out of love but is so difficult to perform. Getting away for a break, even a day can give time for recharging their batteries.

We all need time out, whether carers or not, for refuelling ourselves.

Overstretched people who find they cannot continue have few resources, but there are agencies and volunteer organisations that may be able to help.


Carers’ Trust

Carers Direct

Rethink Mental Illness – Help for Carers

Alzheimer's disease – caring for a person with dementia

Mind – How to cope as a carer

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