Friday, December 28, 2012


Here are photos of ‘Sandpiper’, my 14’ ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter. They remind me of the few times I sailed her this year. My short cruise at Poole Harbour proved what she and I could do. There she was tested in a variety of conditions both under sail and motor.

She met my expectations, but I found her one drawback -her cramped cabin, mainly on account of her centreplate box. If that were eliminated she would have plenty of room for single-handing. Apart from that inconvenience I’m full of praise for her.

Now, when daylight hours are short, winds are strong and there’s rain, frost and snow, it is time for dreaming. I’m dreaming of sunshine, blue skies, beautiful beaches and adventures of coastal cruising. I dream of headlands to round, tides to stem and the avoidance of shallows, rocks and shipping. Harbours and anchorages present their challenges; likewise keeping self fed and alert. There’s navigating, exploring and finding times for rest. Peace, solitude and tranquillity contrast with the run of adrenaline when danger unexpectedly calls.

These are the stuff of this sailor’s dreams. I’m looking to spring, early spring if the weather allows, and away we go, ‘Sandpiper’ and me. The South Coast beckons, and if my frame can take it and my health holds out, maybe further towards the Isles of Scilly.

If and if, we shall see, my boat and me.

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