Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motor Vessel ‘Areti’

Malta is strictly not a Tax Haven, but there are generous monetary incentives for becoming a permanent resident for those who can bring into the Island an annual income of not less than 13,950 Euros. Perhaps the numerous and expensive yachts berthed at Valetta Harbour reflect the fact that outsiders who achieve status as permanent residents do not have to pay tax on their worldwide income!

One motor yacht that took my attention was ‘Areti’, a 60.35 metre vessel moored to the quay on the south side of Manoel Island. Impressive she was, not just because of her size, but for her looks, which were clean, almost clinical, and not at all ostentatious.

I am not normally attracted to large yachts of this type, but ‘Areti’, despite being exceedingly expensive and not at all eco-friendly, had for me a magnetic charisma hard to resist. Fortunately, not being endowed with sufficient wealth to acquire a sister vessel; I do not have to resist the temptation. Small, after all, is beautiful, and sometimes affordable, certainly more eco-friendly. 


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