Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Gavin Millar – Canoe Sailor

Gavin set off in his sailing canoe from the bottom of his garden on 6th June to attempt a circumnavigation of Britain within a period of three months. That was a tall order, especially this year, since it was the wettest summer for 100 years. Gavin did remarkably well, starting from his home near the Solent and sailing anti-clockwise, he reached Oban on the west coast of Scotland.  Bear in mind that this was a single-handed voyage in an open boat, never far from land with all the hazards that brings. In total he sailed and paddled his Solway Dory canoe more than a thousand miles. At night he often slept under canvas.

Gavin plans to continue his adventure next year. Altogether, as of today, 4th September, 2012, people have donated £1,710 towards Gavin’s chosen charity, ‘Hospitality Action’ that supports workers of all ages who find themselves in a crisis situation. This is but 17% of what he hopes will eventually be donated.  


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Solway Dory

Shearwater Sailing Canoe similar to Gavin’s

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