Monday, March 05, 2012

‘Talitha’ is for Sale

Offers for ‘Talitha’ are now being accepted at

To learn more, key the following number into the Ebay search box: 160766035115. She is being advertised at £1,500, but I am open to sensible offers. Why not give it a go? You may be surprised with the result; however, please bear in mind that your offer must be genuine.

Offers over an undisclosed amount will automatically be accepted, and you will be required to complete the transaction by paying for the boat and collecting her.

To see the advert, you may prefer to click this link:

True to form, I want to start another project, and to help finance it I’ve decided to part with ‘Talitha’. She is a Sharpy Class, roof rack keelboat designed by Derek Munnion. Best quality materials, including marine plywood were used throughout her construction, and her lateen sail was professionally made by Wilkinson Sails of Burnham-on-Crouch. Her road trailer is included in the sale, along with her paddle, spray apron, seat, painters etc.

Length Overall 15 ft
Beam 2 ft 6 in
Draught Keel down 2 ft 9 in
Draught Keel up 5 ½ in
Hull Weight 85 lbs
Keel Weight 2 x parts 40 + 40 lbs
Sail Area 47 sq ft
Transport By road trailer or on a roof rack

A breakdown of the building costs (approximately £1,600) can be found here:

You can learn a lot about the boat by visiting these links:

Building ‘Sharpie’ Part 140

Sailing ‘Talitha’

‘Talitha’s’ Second Sail

‘Talitha’ Sails the Deben

‘Talitha’ Sails the Deben Part 2

If you would like to become ‘Talitha’s’ new owner, please get in touch. You can do this by emailing me: barnacleid at yahoo dot co dot uk.

I have placed an advert in Boats and Outboards with a sale price of £1,700, inclusive of her road trailer and all gear - but not the GPS. Here's the link:

Please note that I am unable to edit this Boats and Outboards advert without incurring an extra charge; therefore assume an asking price of £1,500 in line with the Ebay listing.


Hajo said...

I really like that boat. I live a little far away though. I have some family in the UK let me find out if any of them 'needs' another boat...

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Hajo,

I'm sure she will give a lot of fun to her new owner. She's the best performing sailboat I've built. She is very fast, and sails well on all points.


cornishhh said...

What are you going to build next?

cornishhh said...

What are you goung to build next?

William Serjeant said...


Nothing is certain regarding the next project. Meanwhile I shall be enjoying 'Talitha' until she is sold.


jeremy said...

I wish i was there as well. Thanks a lot.
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