Thursday, March 22, 2012

‘Talitha’ the Lazy Man’s Boat

Reproduced from Water Craft Magazine #37 (See link below to get your copy.)

The designer of ‘Talitha’, Derek Munnion, wrote an article for Water Craft Magazine* describing how he built his prototype Sharpy class sailboat. The title of the article was, ‘A Lazy Man’s Boat’. He wanted an easily handled craft suitable for his retirement, one that would not have him sitting on the side decks to keep her upright. He wanted to be completely at ease while sitting on a comfortable seat, facing forwards. To that end he designed a ballasted lightweight keelboat that he could put on the roof rack of his car.

I can vouch that my Sharpy allows me to sail her with very little effort. I have every confidence she will not capsize. Only once did Derek experience having the boat on her side as a result of a strong gust, from which position she righted herself. A small amount of water entered the cockpit which he very quickly sponged out.

I have a spray cover that encapsulates me, insulating me from the elements. After sailing ‘Talitha’ in winds of Force 5 I have the confidence to ‘wear’ the spray cover. It keeps me warm and dry and I can operate the boat from within, because the sheet is led through a block under the foredeck and steering is done with a foot bar. All this of course, makes sailing her a piece of cake with very little effort; hence she is described by Derek as, ‘A Lazy Man’s Boat’.

*Water Craft Magazine (Back Issue for # 37 available for £6.00, including postage)

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Text for the Day

Proverbs 19:15 ‘Laziness casts one into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger.’

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