Friday, July 31, 2009

Nokia E71

(This is a backdated entry I meant to post several months ago, but never got around to doing it. Also see Thursday 17th July 09 where there’s a photo of my mobile phone.)

I received a Nokia E71 mobile phone as a birthday present, and what a brilliant device it is! One thing I am able to do with it is to prepare articles for my Blog. This is relatively easy, because it has an external keypad. I find the phone is better than my Asus EEE laptop, because although both gadgets have WIFI, the E71 can also access the Internet by using the phone network - providing there is coverage. Additionally the battery life of the E71 is considerably longer than the Asus. My network provider happens to be 3UK, but I don’t think the coverage is as widespread as Vodafone; nevertheless, it is generally sufficient.

Yet another advantage of the E71 is its portability, since it easily fits in my pocket. This phone is not just any old phone, because unlike most others, it has a GPS with mapping facilities and voice-guided navigation for use on the road. Being able to communicate by the spoken word, by text and by email, makes this device a very valuable piece of equipment, especially when cruising aboard my small yacht. I can also use the phone for taking photos and for making short videos. Because it was bought outright, the only additional charge is for making calls. I can text and browse the Internet entirely free, so long as I pay for a new lot of calls when my credit runs out.

From the above, you've probably gathered I'm a 'Happy Blogger!'

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