Friday, July 24, 2009

Jet Stream

At this time of year the North Atlantic Jet Stream is like a writhing, wriggling Serpent that spans the Atlantic from Nova Scotia to the UK; in fact it continues revolving around the earth between the latitudes of 30 to 60 degrees north of the Equator, sporadically declining in vigour. In the summer it tends to flow along a path nearer 60 degrees north, and in the winter reverts towards 30 degrees north. This fast-flowing, high altitude blast of air travels eastwards as the world revolves westwards, but sometimes this restless Serpent loses his energy and fizzles out altogether before being born again. Winds at the centre of the Jet Stream, a band of moving air 2 to 3 miles wide, about 4 to 7 miles above the earth, can reach speeds in excess of 100 mph and has been recorded at 400 mph while passing over Scotland. You can imagine how such a powerful force can influence the weather below and either side of it. Here can be found the reason for the strong winds and many showers, coupled with thunderheads that have plagued our so-called summer this year. This energetic Serpent has persisted in weaving an average course over Central England; hence he has wreaked havoc by bringing deluges of rain that have caused flooding and misery to those affected. Farmers are none too pleased, but some have delighted in the fact that they have not had to water their crops. Sailors of small boats such as the type* I own have found the winds have been too strong for comfortable sailing. As I don’t believe in a Wind God, I can only appeal to the One Real God, the God of the Bible, to placate 'Jet Stream', the writhing Serpent. map of the current Atlantic Jet Stream.
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