Friday, July 15, 2005

Selling a Boat

As most of you already know, my Newbridge Virgo Voyager yacht is up for sale - therefore the topic of selling boats is on my mind. In the past I’ve bought and sold a good many boats. None of them have been new; more often than not they’ve been bought by me, then improved and used before being sold, but seldom have I kept a boat for more than two years. I simply enjoy trying out different models with various rigs and hull configurations.

No one can guarantee they will be able to sell a boat, but if the asking price is fair for the yacht’s age and condition, including gear within the sale, there’s a good chance someone will buy her.

Having a specialist yacht has never been a problem; for example, I’ve sold three yachts all rigged as junks. There’s always been that ‘someone’ for whom the boat is just right, or nearly so, with minor modifications.

Selling at the right time is helpful, but when is the right time? September is a good month, because those seeking to own a boat in the UK often visit the Southampton Boat Show, where they are astonished at the prices being asked for new boats. They very quickly realise a good second-hand boat is a better prospect; not just because used boats are so much better value for money, but because they often come with lots of gear, that otherwise would need to be purchased.

Advertising your boat in advance of the date you want to sell is a ‘must’. That’s because it takes a while for the information to be disseminated. If you are advertising in a magazine such as Practical Boat Owner, you need to get your advert to the publisher at least two months in advance.

Using a broker is a good idea, because a conscientious one will do a lot of the advertising to earn his commission, which is usually eight percent of the selling price. If he is not successful in selling the boat for you, he will have done you a favour by publicising it, so that when you do your own advertising, prospective buyers will already have information on your boat.

Boats are sometimes sold because a friend of a friend has mentioned it is for sale; therefore inform all your relatives, friends and particularly other yachtsmen that a good boat is for sale. Spread the news around your nearest sailing club, because the great majority of boats are sold locally.

Well, you can all do me a favour by telling your boating friends and acquaintances that the infamous ‘Bumper’, a Newbridge Virgo Voyager, rigged as a junk is for sale!

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