Monday, July 25, 2005

Boat Building Expectations

How things can change within the time it takes for a twinkling of an eye! Yesterday I was excited about the prospect of receiving my Paradox kit - perhaps tomorrow - but early today I learnt my dreams for a kit will not be fulfilled. Sadly, Alec Jordan phoned me to say that despite the fact that he’s worked hard to find solutions for making all the parts of the kit fit, he has not succeeded. Therefore he will not be able to provide me with mine until the problems have been solved; which happy event will be unlikely in the near future.

Alec has not given up on his desire to manufacture a kit, but the design process for cutting the panels and various components needs more research to enable him to offer a foolproof, good quality product. Because I am unable to wait for a successful outcome, he will let me have the plywood he would have used for my kit; then I’ll start building my Paradox according to Matt’s original plans. By the way, Matt and Alec have collaborated together on this project, but to date technical hurdles have thrown a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, I thank them for all their efforts and hope that eventually they’ll find solutions for producing a kit.

Alec’s hopes have been dashed, especially as so much interest has been shown in a kit for the boat. He is saddened that those who have expressed their desire for a kit will not be able to have one soon, and information about this will be posted on the Jordan Boats web site.

Undaunted, I hope to start building my Paradox within a week or so, while the temperature of the summer air is warm enough for using epoxy.

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